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     I am glad to welcome you to the official website of the Moscow City Duma – the permanently acting highest and singular legislative (representative) body of the state authority in Moscow!

   For the first time in the history of the Russian Federation, elections to the capital's parliament were held on December 12, 1993, and the first meeting of the Moscow City Duma was held on January 10, 1994. From this moment, a new era in the history of parliamentarism began, associated with the revival of representative power in Moscow, which was initiated in the XVIII century by the Empress Catherine II.

    During the period of recent history, the parliament has carried out a huge legislative work to create the legal foundations of the modern socio-economic system of Moscow. For more than 25-year history, the Duma adopted over 1,500 city laws, of which about a thousand are currently in force. 

    At present, the powers are exercised by the Duma deputies of the seventh convocation, who were elected on September 8, 2019 for a five-year term. Among the deputies, there are both experienced politicians and representatives of creative professions, heads of enterprises and institutions, doctors, teachers. At the same time, the deputies represent a wide range of political forces. Five permanent deputy unions have been formed in the Duma: faction of the Party “UNITED RUSSIA”, faction “COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION”, faction of the political party «RUSSIAN UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY «YABLOKO», faction A JUST RUSSIA and permanent deputy union “My Moscow”.

   Today, the capital's parliament continues active legislative work aimed at solving key issues of urban development and improving the quality of Muscovites life, and also comes up with significant legislative initiatives at the federal level. 

    On the Moscow City Duma official website you could learn in detail the information about the history, the formation procedure and the results of the activities of the Moscow City Duma, learn about the deputy corps of the seventh convocation, the structure of the Duma, study the main legal documents related to the activities of the capital's parliament.

     I hope that the information presented will be useful to everyone interested in the activities of the Moscow City Duma and the development history of public self-government in Russia.

Chairman of the Moscow City Duma А.VShaposhnikov

The TV channel "Big Asia" presented the program of the cycle "Moscow is the best city on earth". The program is dedicated to the work of the Moscow City Duma.

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